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Today has been pretty good so far! well I started off by going to college and they gave me the wrong book! >.< so had to go back to get the one I needed, then I came home and me and my mom went to get some food, then when we finished eating I had to rush to get ready for an interview but whee! i got the job!! I now work for vector i sell kitchen knifes and stuff ^^; well for NOW I should say I work for it, god knows how well I'll do, anyway after that came home then picked up my mom's friend and went to walmart, I got The Sims Vacation! ^.^ I love the sims, I can't WAIT til The Sims Online comes out! I hope alot of the people I know use it! hehe, I can't wait ^.^ well I think since i'm in a good mood (right now ^^;) I'll post and icon! not the best but eh ^^;

weeellll that's all I can think of right now, I'm outtie!
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