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wahh, I guess no one like my journal layout ;.; I thought it was pretty ;.; ah well ;.;

i heard WoW won't be out til like 2004 in july! God I hope not! if I don't get in beta I'll have to murder someone to get in, err but you didn't hear it from me! <('o'<) ^('o')^ (>'o')>

hmm, not much been happening lately, been playing Priston Tale, man thats fun, met alot of nice ppl to ^_^ I'm a priestess, ya go me! the only one able to heal! ^^v here's a picture of her casting heal ^_^

well gonna go now, tired ^o^ will probably post some icons tomorrow, depends how much I'm into priston tale, hehe, ttfn!
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But I guess I forgot to mention it ^^; sorry. I like it, it's really beautiful. Good job ^-^ Don't be sad, cheer up ^^
thanks ^_^ it just took me a long time to figure out how to do the pictures with comments and how to change it period ^^;
Well it was worth it. And I like when it says Kind Soul and Give me Hope ^^ And did I mention blue is my favorite color ^.~
I think it looks really pretty! I love the sparkles. ^^
thanks ^_^ not as good as say yours but I try ^^;
I like the look your journal has now, 'tis pretty :D
thank you ^_^ I was trying to make it simple but elegant, hehe hope I pulled it off
I think you have :D