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God I feel horrible today... I dunno what it is, I'm so depressed today. my page went down at and I highly doubt i'll get it back so have to fix all the pictures, if I have them still, to another place. just need to find a good host with ftp access and stuff. I should be estatic, I mean I bought all 12 volumes of Vampire Game from amazon japan! I am happy about it but something just keeps brining me down, i dunno what it is. Priston Tale is I dunno, my brother wanted to play RO but ug, brought up alot of BAD memories, but aside from priston tale there isn't really alot, hardly any mmorpgs that I want to play, well that are out. I wish WoW would come out or Disgaea, something good to let me zone out with ;.; hmm I dunno, well that's if for now, I'm outtie
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