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Well doing bit better from last post, been playing some RPG's offline. I got Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter! i didn't even know it was out! I love the BoF series! Heck I even have the rare BoF 2 soundtrack! I love the series! I also got Xenosaga and Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. I tried installing it but it says that it isn't in! I have it in another drive >.< stupid thing, but not worrying about it now. WoW still isn't out yet :p hmm not much else, my throat is bothering me :/ but hmm, I think that's it for now, will post if I remember, I think there is, I dunno, ack! *runs off, tearing her hair out*
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I added you to my friends list...I'm looking for LJ friends and I stumbled upon your journal. Its looks beautiful. I love Evanescence espically the song Tourniquet. Thats my favorite. I'm hopeing you'll add me back and comment on my journal...I'll comment on yours if you'd like me to. Well better go...its a nice day out and I need the fresh air!
the wisdom seeker
Disgaea is great...btw..hehe..