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dug up my Anita Blake series, think i might read it, but dunno, so many O.O found some quizes on it, whee

You got Richard. Grrowl.

Which Anita Blake Character Is Your Ideal Mate?
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You're Anita! Aren't you the lucky one? You get to
be short, and yet still kick people's sorry
butts. The girls wanna be like you, and the
guys wanna get with you. Or they just all wanna
kill you. Frankly, you don't like any of those

What Main Character Are You From Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter?
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Anita soul mate
Your soul mate is Anita!

Which Anita Blake Character is your soul mate?
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You're Circus of the Damned, the third Anita Blake
book. "So I was afraid; so what? I had to
go, and the sooner I left, the sooner I could
come home. If only I believed that Jean-Claude
would make things that simple. Nothing was
ever simple where he was concerned. If I
learned anything about the murders tonight, I'd
pay for it, but not in money. Jean-Claude
seemed to have plenty of that. No, his coin
was more painful, more intimate, more

What Anita Blake book are you?
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You zombie slaying meanie!
You will not be raised by a zombie! Not in this
life-time, and not in this death-time! No
sirruh, You will be one of the select few who
are qualified to kick some zombie butt!! You
probably carry around a large shotgun just in
case of emergencies like this. Well good for
you, if a zombie apocolypse comes, you're

Would Anita Blake animate you into a zombie? (w/ pix)
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