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must play WoW ;.;

eek! I can't wait! doesn't the night elf hunter look sooo cool! I wanna tame everything! ^.^ I LOVE partying/grouping with people to, cause you make new friends that way too! I wanna try to play beta so bad but I probably won't be picked or something ;.; I am so dumb getting so excited over the game but, I just, really wanna play it! am I wrong for feeling like this? I even reserved it at gamestop, along with warcraft 3: frozen throne and disgaea. those three games are on my top list! I think why I want to play so much is cause it has so much to offer me, taming and caring for animals, houses you can live in and I think they mentioned gardening, I mean, dang! it's like the ultimate game for me! hmm, I think that I'll stop now for today before I go on and on ^^;

I need to find a new online game or something, redmoon is being such an @$$! they're charging 20 dollars a month for like nothing! bunch of bugs and the server is so laggy! hrm, was thinking of pristons tale but maybe I might play asheron's call 2, dunno :/

well last but not least I made some World of Warcraft icons, whee, please tell, don't ask and credit if you wanna use

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