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I love the books by Laurell K. Hamilton, well I used to like Anita alot but way to popular now. I like the Merry series, I LOVE Nightseer, I hope she continues that! Found some Merry quizes, second I just took for fun ^^; wonder if there is anymore around

My King is Frost
Through Frost's icy exterior I see my future king.
I'm fascinated by his tinsel-colored hair and
sweet kisses. But he thinks with his heart,
not with his head. Frost is my King.

Which of Merry Gentry's men would be your perfect king?
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Ideal Date is Merry
The girl next door is for you. Shes down to earth,
but in a pinch can save the world. She's
always on top of the situation, and more than
ready to make the right decision. Merry is
your ideal date.

Which Merry Gentry character would be your ideal date? (for guys)
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Ideal Date is Frost
Despite his frosty exterior, Frost is the needy and
warm lover you could only dream of. Hell hold
you by the fire, take walks with you at sunset,
or make-love to you until dawn. Frost is your
ideal date.

What Merry Gentry character is your ideal date? (for girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Merry Gentry.
Born a Princess you know how to rule. You know that a good ruler respects her people but keeps them in line as well. You'll never be just a figurehead.

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