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I just found out that they have Harvest Moon for girls! but the sad thing is it's only for japan ;.; I hope they translate at least the newest one for gameboy advanced! I think the playstation one is a lost cause but god I would do anything for it! ;.; here are the links to the games I'm talking about:

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for Girls!
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for Girls!

I was so happy I found a page dedicated to the playstation girls version but it makes me want it even more! ;.;

Liz's Harvest Moon for Girls Site

Sign the petition to get it translated! i know I sure did! Help the cause!

You are Ellen!

Position: Eligible bachelorette/Sweetheart.

Considering your father is the Drunk, you're just too good to be true. You love your family, love animals, and are a wonder in the kitchen. You only like gifts if you can use them to make something for the one who gave them to you (example: you love eggs and milk, which you use to bake a cake to give back). You're an all-around sweetheart... and I STILL can't believe the Drunk is your dad!

Which Harvest Moon SNES character are you?


What Harvest Moon 64 Girl Are You?