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machinemaiden's Journal

Machine Maiden
10 September 1987
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name: nicole, but friends and family call me nickie
birthday: i was born on september 10th
zodiac: virgo & monkey
element: earth
hair color: dark brown
eye color: green with little blue around the center
pets?? i have 2 doggies, Prince and Puppy
family: i have a mommy, daddy and a little brother
live: in michigan
hobbies: anime, drawing, role playing, playing video games
style hmm. don't really follow trends and such, i like comfy stuff ^.^
food: cotton candy, snow cones and hamburgers
drinks: my faavvvv is fufu berry by jones soda, yuuuum ^.^
animal: doggies, kitties, dragons
video games: rpg's, simulations (life, love, raising, stuff like that)
manga: peach girl, sarai, kare kano (to name a few ^^;)
anime: tooooo many to list ^^; but one of my favs is fruits basket
movies: princess bride, labyrinth, willow
season: i love them all!
fav. book: nightseer by laurell k. hamilton
fav. sport: swimming
fav. color: pastal colors
fav. flowers: roses, violets, lilacs

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